First oversea PV power station invested by POWERCHINA succeeds to connection

Updated: December 29,2022

The first batch of photovoltaic project group invested by POWERCHINA, namely the Kyeeonkeewa Photovoltaic Power Station in Myanmar, was successfully connected to the grid for power generation on Dec 28.

It is the first project put into operation in central Myanmar photovoltaic project group invested, designed and constructed by POWERCHINA.


POWERCHINA construction workers celebrate the grid-connected power generation of the Kyeeonkeewa Photovoltaic Power Station in Myanmar.

Located in Magway Province, Myanmar and with a total installed capacity of 40.28 MWp, the power station is projected to generate 64.64 million kWh of electricity for the grid on average per year.

Since the start of the project, POWERCHINA has completed various tasks, such as power agreement signing and land leases.


Technicians check the Kyeeonkeewa Photovoltaic Power Station in Myanmar.

The central Myanmar photovoltaic project group, is the largest new energy project in Myanmar, with five sub-projects, including the Kyeeonkeewa Photovoltaic Power Station.The project group is expected to supply electricity to 1 million rural households.

It is expected to improve the power shortages in Myanmar and promote local economic and social development.

POWERCHINA has also actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, including donating funds to surrounding schools and temples.

This has helped it to enhance its friendship with the local people, established a good corporate image, and created a good environment for the smooth progress of the project's construction.