Kenya minister praises POWERCHINA-built Marsabit project

Updated: February 02,2023

Alice Wahome, Kenya's minister of water and sanitation, recently attended the completion ceremony for the Marsabit water infrastructure project built by POWERCHINA, along with other officials.


Alice Wahome (middle), Kenya's minister of water and sanitation, talks to the media at the completion ceremony.

The minister said that in the face of a once-in-a-40-year drought in Kenya, POWERCHINA overcame all the difficulties to complete the project, which effectively guaranteed meeting water demand and providing safe drinking water to residents.

On completion of the Marsabit project, the storage capacity of the Bakuli Dam has been expanded to 300,000 cubic meters and its minimum daily water supply to Marsabit town has been increased from 258 to 1,375 cu m.

This has alleviated the water shortage problem in the dry season and greatly improved the well-being of residents. It has provided a "Chinese-style" solution to reduce the impact of drought, a result that has been recognized and praised by government officials and locals.

At the end of the completion ceremony, the secretary-general of the Kenya Ministry of Water and Sanitation and the Chinese representative of the Marsabit project, in accordance with local traditions, jointly planted an African oak tree.

This represented the successful completion of the project and the wish that the friendship between China and Kenya would last forever.