Algerian minister lauds POWERCHINA-built PV power station

Updated: February 08,2023

Mohamed Arkab, Algeria's minister of energy and mines, visited the In Guezzam 50 MW photovoltaic (PV) Power Station being built by POWERCHINA on Jan 30, along with other officials.

The minister visited key areas, including the power plant, booster station and main control room.

Afterwards, he listened to the work report presented on overall progress and put forward some specific suggestions for the construction.

During the visit, the minister confirmed that the build-out is going well and spoke highly of the construction quality of the power station.

He said POWERCHINA is a trustworthy partner and the company has provided strong support for Algeria's new energy transformation.

The In Guezzam Power Station is located in the southernmost province of In Guezzam in Algeria, close to the border with Niger. It is the largest single power station, using three 2 MW inverters and transformer equipment, with a capacity of 6 MW. The electricity then will be sent directly to a nearby diesel power station for grid-connected power generation, realizing the effective combination of traditional energy and new energy.

After the 50 MW PV power station project ramps up to full output, it will generate about 12 million kWh of electricity per year and greatly boost electricity supply to the desert areas of southern Algeria.