POWERCHINA aids Iraq reconstruction, development

People's Daily| Updated: March 23,2023

A cooperation agreement signed by China and Iraq in 2015 on the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has yielded major dividends in a raft of fields.

Since then POWERCHINA has participated in the reconstruction of Iraq's energy, infrastructure and other areas, and provided assistance for that nation's overall economic and social development.

In 2020, the Iraqi government formulated a plan to build 8,000 new schools by 2030 and listed it as one of the most urgent political and livelihood projects.

The tender for the build-out of 1,000 schools was opened for the first phase and POWERCHINA undertook the construction of 679 of them.

A model school in Najaf province is one of POWERCHINA's key jobs. Hamid Naim Al-Ghazi, secretary-general of the Iraq Council of Ministers, said it would be a demonstration project with top standards, a modern style and be in line with Iraq's practical needs after completion, which is making it of the utmost significance to the improvement of teaching conditions in various provinces.

What's more, POWERCHINA has actively participated in Iraq's new power plant program. In 2021, the Rumaila gas-fired combined-cycle power plant, undertaken by POWERCHINA, connected to the national grid, easing power shortages in southern Iraq.

Moving forwards, plans are for POWERCHINA to continue to give full play to its know-how and experience to help with Iraq's reconstruction.

It is aiming to make more contributions to deepening the traditional friendship between the two countries and in facilitating BRI construction.