Kenyan multi-purpose dam project enters new phase

Updated: April 12,2023


William Ruto, president of Kenya, unveils the project's plaque at the groundbreaking ceremony.

William Ruto, president of Kenya, attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the main dam of the Mwache Multi-purpose Dam project, which was undertaken by POWERCHINA, and unveiled the project's plaque, marking that the project has entered its comprehensive construction phase.

During the ceremony, the president highly praised POWERCHINA for its performance and management. Then he personally drove an excavator to launch the groundbreaking ceremony and planted trees at the project site, which is a Kenyan custom.


William Ruto drives an excavator to launch the groundbreaking ceremony.

The Mwache Multi-purpose Dam project is located along the Mwache River, 22 kilometers west of Mombasa, Kenya. The total construction period of the project contract is set for 1,631 days (including the 490-day reservoir filling period).

POWERCHINA is responsible for the project's design and construction, including an 84-meter-high RCC gravity dam, a low sand trap dam that will be constructed 15.5 km upstream of the main dam, a permanent 44.05 km access road, and a 28 km water supply pipeline.

The Mwache Multi-purpose Dam is a major water conservancy project constructed by POWERCHINA in Africa. After completion, the dam will be capable of supplying 186,000 cubic meters of domestic water per day to Mombasa. This will help alleviate local water shortage, improve local agricultural production capacity, as well as promote economic development and social progress.

During the beginning of the project's construction phase, POWERCHINA was recognized by the local government and community for ensuring the project progress and quality. The company has made great efforts in overcoming the challenges of complex geology, climate, and transport during construction.

In the past decade, POWERCHINA has participated in the construction of multiple major projects in Kenya, contributing to Kenya's economic development and improving local livelihood.


William Rutovisits the project's engineering image sand table.