POWERCHINA's 5 projects listed as Overseas Sustainable Infrastructures

Updated: April 13,2023


The awarding ceremony for the 2022 China Overseas Sustainable Infrastructure Projects is held in Beijing, on April 11.

The China International Contractors Association held an awards ceremony for the 2022 China Overseas Sustainable Infrastructure Projects in Beijing, on April 11.

The following five projects, undertaken by POWERCHINA, won awards.

The extension project of the Kariba North Hydroelectric Power Station is the largest of its kind in Zambia to have been constructed in 36 years. With an ingenious and practical overall design, the project overcame multiple difficulties and won the 2016-2017 Luban Award for overseas construction projects.

During construction, POWERCHINA paid attention to environmental protection, effectively reduced pollutant emissions, and actively cultivated and improved the technical level of localized talents.

The power station became the main source of Zambia’s power supply, producing more than half of the nation's power. This project promoted the comprehensive development of Zambia's economy and society.

The Nzeto-Soyo Highway project, in Angola, is an artery of the petroleum transportation route that runs north and south along the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Angola. After going into operation, it has not only driven the rapid development of local agriculture and commerce, while ensuring the transportation of petroleum and natural gas in northern Angola, but it also provided strong hardware support and convenience for logistics transportation in Angola's Soyo Port.

POWERCHINA had actively fulfilled its social responsibilities during the construction of the highway. It explored new technologies and methods in order to save water, energy and materials, which greatly improved local infrastructure facilities and the living conditions of residents.


The Soubre Hydroelectric Power Station Project in Cote d'Ivoire.

The Soubre Hydroelectric Power Station Project in Cote d'Ivoire is a core part of the country's national energy balance strategy. The power station has further balanced the country's mixed energy structure, which was once dominated by thermal power. The project now supplies green, stable, and affordable electricity. In the future, by supplying electricity to countries such as Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, it will help improve the power supply of West Africa as a whole.

The Nouadhibou New Iron Ore Port Project in Mauritania has greatly improved the loading capacity of the National Industrial and Mining Company of Mauritania.It has an annual iron ore export volume that exceeds 14 million metric tons, becoming a landmark that showcases the national strength.

During construction, efforts were made by POWERCHINA to explore innovative construction techniques, and improve local quality management systems and engineering efficiency.


The 49.5 MW Dawood Wind Power Project in Pakistan.

The 49.5 MW Dawood Wind Power Project is the first energy project to be jointly built by China and Pakistan as a part of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor". The project has effectively improved the serious shortage of electricity in Pakistan as well as local infrastructure.

By improving clean energy generation, the project saves about 40,400 tons of standard coal annually, while also reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 546.6 tons, nitrogen oxide emissions by 452.4 tons, particulate matter emissions by 467 tons, and carbon dioxide emissions by 122,000 tons.

During construction, POWERCHINA attached great importance to improving the living conditions of the local people. It helped build 17 kilometers of roads and dams spanning more than 1,000 meters, and provided medical examinations and medicine delivery services to more than 300 people.