POWERCHINA reconstructs school in Peru to promote local education

Updated: July 25,2023


An aerial view of the school that was recently handed over.

A handover ceremony was held on July 12 for the first of the nine schools rebuilt by POWERCHINA as part of Peru's La Libertad School Reconstruction Project No. 8. Senior officials of Peru attended the event.

Officials from the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes of Peru praised the excellent performance and commitment demonstrated by POWERCHINA. The renovated school creates favorable conditions for students to resume classes as soon as possible and sets a benchmark for the delivery of the remaining eight schools.

The construction work of this project involves the design, demolition, and construction of nine schools, as well as landscaping and other aspects.

The school that was handed over will provide Chimbote with outdoor activity space and three buildings comprising 11 classrooms. It has a designed capacity for 200 students in the early childhood education stage.

Teachers, students, and parents also participated in the handover ceremony.

The remaining eight schools are now under construction and are expected to be completed by the end of this year.