Kamchay Hydropower Station achieves significant milestone

Updated: September 01,2023


An aerial view of the Cambodia Kamchay Hydropower Station.

On Aug 31, the Cambodia Kamchay Hydropower Station achieved a significant milestone in the field of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) by securing carbon emission reductions through United Nations' endorsement, reducing carbon emissions by a total of 1.6 million metric tons.

This marked a substantial breakthrough for the project in implementing CDM and will further promote and enhance its sustainable development.

The Kamchay Hydropower Station was registered with the United Nations for CDM in 2014, officially initiating its CDM project.

To ensure that the phased emission reductions generated by the hydropower station could pass the verification of international auditing agencies like the Designated Operational Entity (DOE) and obtain endorsement from the United Nations Executive Board, Kamchay Company diligently collected, organized, and submitted the required data and reports.

Through the collective efforts of the project team, by the end of August 2023, it successfully obtained a United Nations' carbon emission reduction endorsement.

In the future, Kamchay Company will actively promote the trading of the endorsed carbon emission reductions according to the relevant procedures, aiming to realize the benefits of carbon emission reduction as soon as possible.

The successful endorsement of carbon emission reductions through CDM for the Kamchay project will provide valuable insights and experience for POWERCHINA's other overseas clean energy projects when undertaking CDM initiatives.

The Kamchay Hydropower Station is POWERCHINA's first BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) hydropower station project developed overseas. As of Aug 31, the station has operated safely for 4,245 consecutive days, generating a cumulative 5.07 billion kilowatt-hours of green and clean electricity, which has made outstanding contributions to Cambodia's local economic and social development, environmental sustainability, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.