Municipal road completed in Angola

Updated: September 06,2023

The completion ceremony of the Luena municipal road project in Angola, built by POWERCHINA, was held on the morning of Sept 1.

Local officials attended the ceremony, and praised POWERCHINA for its contributions to improving the living environment and raising living standards in Luena.

They noted that the project has significantly improved the transportation of vital energy resources such as oil and gas, and made commuting more convenient, holding great significance for the future economic development of Luena and its surrounding areas.

The officials also thanked the project team for their diligent efforts to overcome various challenges, and ensure the smooth completion of the project.

Representatives from POWERCHINA thanked the local government and the project’s owners for their support during construction.

They also conveyed their commitment to continue helping improve local transportation and living conditions.

The project is located in Luena, Moxico province, Angola, and it includes an 8.5-kilometer municipal main road and auxiliary roads, as well as ancillary works such as curbstones, sidewalks, drainage ditches, and streetlights.

The successful opening of Luena's municipal roads has not only improved local traffic conditions, but also improved the lives of the local population.

In addition, the project's completion has bolstered POWRCHINA’s brand image in the country, increasing its competitiveness and laying a solid foundation for the company's future endeavors in the road markets of Angola and the southwestern African region.