Kenya president praises POWERCHINA for sewage system project

Updated: January 17,2024

William Ruto, president of Kenya, and Rigathi Gachagua, vice-president of Kenya, visited Olkalou town and inspected the site of the OlKalou Sewage System, which was developed by POWERCHINA.


William Ruto (L1), president of Kenya,receives a detailed briefing on the project.

During the visit, Ruto explained that the Olkalou Sewage System, as the first municipal sewage system in Nyandarua County, Kenya, has provided local residents with a reliable water supply.

This has not only effectively addressed long-standing water safety and sewage management issues, but also significantly improved the quality of life for the local population.

He also commended these achievements and expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all the workers.

The system consists of two main components: a sewage system and a water supply system. The sewage system includes a sewage treatment plant with a daily capacity of 3,300 cubic meters, approximately 36.87 kilometers of sewage pipelines, 500 household connections, and public toilet facilities in the town.

The water supply system comprises a water treatment plant with a daily capacity of 2,000 cubic meters and 11.2 kilometers of pipelines.

The project's pipelines and facilities cover an area of about 17 square kilometers in the town, offering clean drinking water to nearly 1.2 million local people. Its completion also ended the "dry toilet era."