Transmission line completed in Ethiopia

Updated: January 19,2024


The Butajira-Worabe Transmission Line Project is completed in Ethiopia.

The Butajira-Worabe Transmission Line, constructed by POWERCHINA, was recently completed in Ethiopia.

This transmission line is a supporting power supply project for the Butajira-Worabe Power Transmission Project in Ethiopia. Starting from the Butajira Substation and ending at the newly-constructed Worabe Substation, the transmission line spans 36.08 kilometers and includes a total of 95 electric power iron towers.

Worabe is located in central-southern Ethiopia, approximately 200 kilometers from the capital, Addis Ababa, and has faced long-term electricity supply shortages.

Upon the completion and commissioning of the Butajira-Worabe Substation Project, the local power supply capacity will be significantly enhanced, improving the lives of local residents and providing robust support for local economic and social development.