Polish super-large railway bridge begins operating

Updated: January 22,2024


A group photo of owners and project managers at the construction site.

The Uhowa Bridge on the Poland E75 railway project, constructed by POWERCHINA and running between Bialystok and Warsaw, was recently put into operation in both directions.

This marks the official completion of the two-way super-large railway bridge.

Construction on the Uhowa Bridge took two years and employed both longitudinal and transverse sliding construction techniques. Innovative construction methods included the use of structural anti-corrosion protection technology, with the external cross-section protected against corrosion and internal weld seams sealed for added protection.

The completed beam has successfully passed the load testing, meeting the requirements for trains with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Additionally, POWERCHINA strictly followed the regulations of the local national park management, ensuring maximum protection of the local ecological environment.