Saudi Arabia port sees significant construction progress

Updated: March 05,2024


Aerial views of the port's five important buildings.

POWERCHINA has successfully completed and handed over a total of five important buildings for the King Abdulaziz Port project in Saudi Arabia, namely C201, D301, D303, C107, and D418.

The C201 shipyard workshop is the core facility of the King Abdulaziz Port project. Once put into operation, it will provide pre-treatment and processing services for shipbuilding steel materials at the material wharf. It will also offer solid support for subsequent ship assembly work.

The D301 area control office serves as the main control office for Zone D of the Package P6 – the assembly area for self-elevating drilling platforms. This office enables remote control, monitoring, and communication functions for production activities in Zone D.

The D303 main gate serves as the primary entrance to the self-elevating platform production area. This is the first security building to have been completed in the factory area.

The C107 material wharf is a vital hub for the shipyard, responsible for the unloading and storage of raw materials used for shipbuilding.

The D418 waste recycling center is tasked with recycling and processing production waste, effectively reducing the pressure of on-site waste disposal.

Upon completion, this port project will become the world's largest "super shipyard". As of now, the overall progress of the project has reached 86 percent, with all work flowing smoothly.