Peru president attends completion ceremony of new school

Updated: March 05,2024


Dina Boluarte, the president of Peru, delivers a speech during the completion ceremony.


An aerial view of the Ricardo Palma School.

POWERCHINA recently completed construction on Ricardo Palma School in Piura Province, Peru. As part of the Package No.7 project, the school was successfully handed overon Feb 29.

The completion ceremony was attended by Dina Boluarte, the president of Peru, as well as other senior officials.

During the ceremony, President Boluarte expressed her earnest expectations for the students. After the ceremony, the president toured the school facilities, including classrooms and special access pathways for disabled individuals. She praised the diligent work and excellent achievements of POWERCHINA.

Covering a total construction area of 6,999.91 square meters, Ricardo Palma School comprises three teaching buildings and one sports field. It features a total of 16 classrooms and is capable of accommodating 497 students.

The completion of the school has significantly improved the educational conditions of the local community.