Egypt wind power project achieves major milestone

Updated: March 18,2024


Employees celebrate the erection of the first wind turbine generator.

The first wind turbine generator of the 500-megawatt wind power project in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt, constructed by POWERCHINA, was successfully erected on March 13 as the third blade of Turbine T39 seamlessly connected with the hub.

This milestone marks another significant achievement in the project's construction, marking a crucial step towards grid connection and power generation.

The project is located 300 kilometers southeast of Cairo and is currently the largest wind power project being constructed by POWERCHINA in Africa. It is also the single-unit wind power project with the largest capacity in Egypt. The project consists of 77 wind turbine units, with a rotor diameter of 171 meters and a hub height of 94.5 meters.

The project site experiences consistently high wind speeds throughout the year, posing significant challenges to the erection of the wind turbine generator. Despite the high wind speeds and heavy individual generator weights, POWERCHINA successfully erected the generator through customized measures and solutions.