Colombia PV project connected to grid

Updated: April 07,2024


An aerial view of the Tepuy PV Project.

The 108 Megawatts Tepuy Photovoltaic (PV) Project, constructed by POWERCHINA in Colombia, was successfully connected to the grid on March 22.

Located in La Dorada city in Central Colombia, this is the largest project built by POWRCHINA in Colombia in terms of installed power generation capacity.

The project employs approximately 100 management personnel, with over 90 of them being foreign management team members. In total, the project has created more than 2,000 job positions locally, marking it as a landmark project for POWERCHINA's localization management development strategy in Colombia.

Juan Diego, the person in charge of the project on behalf of the project's owner, Medellin Electric Company, expressed that this project represents the first collaboration between Medellin Electric Company and POWERCHINA. POWERCHINA ensured that the project's power generation was on schedule by providing high-quality and efficient services. This not only brought economic benefits to the owner, but also benefited the surrounding communities and promoted the development of green energy in Colombia. Diego looks forward to future collaborations with POWERCHINA.

POWERCHINA currently has 10 photovoltaic projects under construction in Colombia, with a total installed capacity of 567 MW. In addition to driving the export of Chinese technology and equipment, these projects have also contributed to Colombia's energy transition efforts.