POWERCHINA to develop HFO Power Plant in Sierra Leone

Updated: April 16,2024


Employees celebrate the groundbreaking of the HFO Power Plant.

The magnetic separation plant and 43.65 Megawatts Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Power Plant, undertaken by POWERCHINA in Sierra Leone, broke ground on April 8.

The magnetic separation plant has a production capacity of 30 million metric tons annually, and the HFO Power Plant is a self-owned power station within the Tonkolili Iron Mine in Sierra Leone. The two projects are owned by Leone Rock Metal Group. Once completed, the power plant will provide power for the magnetic separation plant, significantly reducing the electricity costs for the Tonkolili Iron Mine. It is also set to support the social and economic development of the surrounding areas.

In addition to a new 43.65MW HFO self-owned power plant along with its associated facilities, the project includes five 8.73MW medium-speed HFO generators and auxiliary systems, diesel engine rooms, a control building, waste heat boilers, and chimneys. The power plant will connect to the magnetic separation plant via a 35-kilovolt transmission line that extends approximately 3 kilometers. Additionally, POWERCHINA is responsible for the construction of two 2500-ton heavy oil storage tanks with heating and insulation facilities as part of a complete unloading system at Pepel Port.

The power plant project has commenced on Feb 2, 2024, with a construction period of 15 months. It is scheduled for completion on April 30, 2025.