Madagascar president commends progress on RNS5 highway

Updated: April 24,2024


The president of Madagascar (R2) inspects the site of the RNS5 highway project.

Andry Rajoelina, president of Madagascar, accompanied by Christian Ntsay, prime minister of Madagascar, conducted an in-depth inspection of the RNS5 highway project on April 19, which is currently being constructed by POWERCHINA.

At the site of the already opened No 2 bridge, Rajoelina received a detailed briefing on the progress of the construction and praised the work being done by POWERCHINA. He reviewed the project's development process, noting that due to poor existing road conditions and numerous rivers, local transportation has been severely limited for a long time.

The implementation of the RNS5 highway project will greatly improve local transportation, with the 75-kilometer section upgrading to a dual-lane asphalt road surface. Additionally, eight high-level bridges will be constructed along the route, including one bridge spanning 320 meters in length. This will significantly enhance the region's traffic efficiency.

Subsequently, the president and his delegation conducted an on-site inspection of the construction progress on the project's PK2-PK6 section. He reiterated the government's firm commitment to improving infrastructure and promoting regional development.

Once completed, the RNS5 highway project will alleviate transportation issues in the northeast region of Madagascar, strengthen economic connections between the provinces in the northeast and the major port city and capital, and greatly promote economic development in the region.