Uganda's largest hydropower plant successfully handed over

Updated: June 14,2024


A group photo of workers involved in the project.

The Karuma Hydropower Plant – Uganda's largest hydropower plant, designed and built by POWERCHINA – received its completion certificate on June 12 and was officially handed over.

The hydropower plant, located on the Nile River approximately 270 kilometers from Kampala – the country's capital, has an installed capacity of 600 megawatts. It is not only the country's largest of its kind, but also the 14th largest underground hydropower plant in terms of the scale of its underground engineering.

In addition, the project includes four substations and three transmission lines spanning 379 km. The 400-kilovolt transmission line set a new record for the country in high-voltage power transmission.

The Karuma Hydropower Plant is expected to generate 4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, thus reducing the use of raw coal by 1.31 million metric tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 3.48 million tons. This will cut down the country's electricity price by 17.5 percent. Not only will it provide stable electricity for Uganda, but for neighboring countries as well.